History Of The Site

Pre 1957

Land formed part of the Larundel and Mont Park mental hospital complex and the area was used for grazing the hospital's cattle as well as for their vegetables plantings used by the hospitals kitchens.



Strathallan Golf Club formed and the surplus hospital land used to form a 9 hole golf course with the added benefit of reducing the risk of bush fires.  The course was created by the staff and patients from the hospitals and was for their mutual benefits (recreational and welfare).


Late 1980's to early 1990's

Closure of the hospital complex and the land sold to the government's Urban Land Authority (ULA) for residential development.  This development also included the creation of the Gresswell Habitat Link that joined the existing Gresswell Forest with the Wildlife Sanctuary on land that was part of the Strathallan Golf course.  The remainder of the land occupied by the golf course was earmarked for residential development.  Subsequent protests and lobbying from concerned residents and politicians, conservation and wildlife groups and the golf club forced the government to reconsider the plans of the ULA for the site.  This resulted in the government appointing an Independent Review Panel (IRP) to consider the issues and review the proposed residential plans of the ULA.