Independent Review Panel Report

In April 1991 the IRP released its report with the following recommendations

  • the Panel favours residential development on the Strathallan site but only on that area to the west of the existing golf course. Factors influencing this decision are
  • the likelihood of detrimental effects to the significant Red Gums as a result of residential development
  • the inadequacy of the proposed buffer area to the habitat link
  • the land management opportunities afforded by the golf club
  • the loss of open space to the local community and the effect on residential amenity

The Panel recommends that the buffer area (as proposed by the ULA) to be zoned Public Open Space be increased in size to the west to include all the area currently occupied by the Strathallan Golf Club.



The Golf Club leased the land from the ULA and redesigned and re-built the course to fit the reduced area that was then available because of the creation of the Gresswell Habitat Link.  The cost of re-building the course to fit the new layout was approximately $150,000 and was done at the golf club's expense.